Horoscopes for the New Moon in Scorpio

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The New Moon at 26 degrees Scorpio is occurring on Saturday, November 18th at 6:42 AM ET


This New Moon is charged with the energy of profound change and demands that we all step into our power through the exertion of our will in a calculated and contained way. A square between the two rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, wages while four planets (including the Moon) are stationed in the sign of Scorpio. As the New Moon always represents a time of opportunity for integrating shifts as the Sun and Moon embrace in the heavens, this is a period ripe with potential for some major growth. The main themes for Scorpio dance around the idea of re-birthing as an empowered being, approaching life from a foundation of unshakeable security and trust in one’s self and trust in the universal rhythm and timing to deliver all that is needed. Our primary emotional reactions to the transformative process are resistance (which often coincides with destructive behaviours) and the embrace of intensity and our deeper feelings as guides on our journey of self-realization and completeness. The dark night of the soul is a concept very much relating to the transitionary period that takes us out of our disempowered/isolated egoic experience of life and uses the innate process of disintegration and destruction positively to expose the truth of our role as universal beings.

So, if you’re feeling like this month has already been pretty intense, you can consider this New Moon as the apex of that intensity. Acceptance and surrender are always the most constructive ways of approaching Scorpio’s demands so if you find you are drawn to destructive behaviours, it’s important to question these urges at this time. It is likely that the feelings motivating these actions are exactly what's keeping you from owning and exercising your true power in life. No better time to start your healing from their influence than right now!


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Aries and Aries Rising

This New Moon falls in your eighth house of endings, release and transformation, Aries. This is the natural house of Scorpio in the zodiac so likely you have been feeling these themes pretty strongly in the last little while. This moon gives you an opportunity to really dive deep into what motivates your more self-destructive behaviours and emotional tendencies in order for more healing to come into your life. Especially as your ruler, Mars, is in a square with Pluto at this time, there is a definite message of using your will in a constructive way to bring more power into your experience of life. Often it is our potential and the pressure of following through with our dreams and ideals that is actually what is scaring us, and so we avoid doing what we know we need to do to get to the next level in our lives because the responsibility weighs on us too heavily. If this is a narrative that feels familiar to you in some aspect of your life, it is important that you look more closely at what really motivates your fear-based behaviours. As the square aspect is occurring between your seventh and tenth houses, it is likely that your inner tension concerns your primary partnership/relationships and your career/life direction. By staying honest with yourself and open to the direction of change that is presenting itself to you, there is much potential for major growth to be harnessed at this time. As the Sun moves into Sagittarius and leaves your eighth house on the 22nd, the positive results of this movement towards constructive growth are more likely to be reflected by your outside world, bringing new opportunities your way.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

This New Moon falls in your seventh house of marriage and partnership, Taurus. It is possible that a new relationship will come into your life at this time; one which is of profound depth and connection (as Scorpio won’t stand for anything superficial), or that a current relationship is in the process of a major shift that is coming to a head during this moon. As your ruler, Venus, met with Jupiter and Neptune in the sky earlier this week and will come into a sextile aspect with Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, on the 21st, the arena of your relationships is certainly bursting with activity! Your potential for attracting new relations into your life and deepening your current intimacy is great, as is the potential for intense feelings to drive you into overreaction and power struggle if you’re feeling insecure or unsafe. No matter what you’re going through, trust and clarity are integral to the process. Since you are a person who relies heavily on your values to guide your decisions in life, you can always come back to the question of your values to assist you in coming to a safe landing through all this activity and transition. Honouring choices that reflect your personal integrity and desire for inner harmony will define how you move through the decisions before you and what you are able to attract into your life. Be mindful of the way your beliefs motivate your actions, and stay organized in order to maximize positive results.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

This New Moon falls in your sixth house of health, work and daily ritual, Gemini. Have you noticed that your body has been trying to communicate something to you over the last month? Likely what you’re experiencing physically has roots that run deeper than what may appear on the surface. While planets transit the sixth house, emotional and mental imbalances are often communicated through the medium of the body, urging you to look more closely at certain areas of your life and the choices you are making. Consider the association between chakras and organs/bodily systems in order to arrive at a clearer meaning behind what is being expressed. Disruptive changes in your menstrual cycle are likely reflective of a second chakra issue coming to light, while stomach pains and digestive problems are often associated to third chakra issues. If you’ve had a hard time voicing your opinions or putting your desires into action, you may find your throat is acting up, as these experiences affect the fifth chakra. As your ruler, Mercury, is now in Sagittarius and will be coming into trine aspect to Uranus, planet of awakening, there is much motivating you at this time to the discovery of new ways of looking at the mind-body connection. Nearing the end of November, on the 28th to be exact, Mercury will come into a conjunction with Saturn and likely create some feelings of constriction and pressure on your relationships. Try to avoid feeling suffocated or being judgemental in reaction to this and stay open to working out new structures in which harmony can more easily exist in your relations.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

This New Moon falls in your fifth house of creative expression and romance, Cancer. Especially on the 16th, when Venus trines Neptune from your fifth house to your ninth, there is exaltation around self-expression and a sense of definite expansion arising from your creative efforts. You may even feel transported into a spiritual dimension through your creative expression and especially if your work is conceptual in nature, such as music or dance, you may feel ecstatic in reaction to your creative exploration. The playfulness you generate from these experiences will hopefully keep you light hearted and able to move more easily through the more difficult energies of this time. The territory of your personal relationships, especially with family and those with whom you share your home, is under some heavy pressure as a square from Mars and Pluto wages between your fourth and seventh houses. Some aspects of the way you exist inside these relationships require your attention, and avoiding facing these shifts in a conscious way may create a lot of unexpressed resentment, frustration and anger. Your sense of security may feel especially challenged, so it is important you stay grounded in order to get the most out of the shifting energies. There is much potential for airing out frustrations that have been building up over time, which will lead to more depth and understanding in your relationship. Be honest and stay open to what needs to change in order for you to experience more harmony and comfort through your connection to your partner and family members.


Leo and Leo Rising

This New Moon falls in your fourth house of home life and self-care rituals, Leo. This is the peak of the chapter called family that you have been heavily investing in emotionally over the last month, and it has hopefully brought you the sense of inner security and safety that you are craving. Have you developed any new practices that have added to that sense of internal calm from which you are most able to create and express yourself freely? There is much potential here for you to develop the emotional stability that is the foundation of all the other of life’s ventures, so take heed of the call to release the emotional patterns and behaviours that get in the way of your sense of inner peace and groundedness. What you may view as a harmless habit could actually be a conditioned behaviour that is preventing you from growing or developing more fully in other areas of your life. Now is the time to be mindful about what daily rituals serve your sense of security in a healthy way, such as eating well and taking the time to process your emotions at the end of the day; and what repetitive behaviours are actually security blankets that keep you small and uninspired, such as eating foods that don’t serve your body well and distracting yourself with social activities or tv shows when you know you’re feeling uneasy about something emotionally and you don’t want to face it. Every time you make a constructive choice over a destructive one, you are building that muscle that will support you in living a fuller and more joyful life. As aspects of your shadow are more clear right now, it’s a good time to start being especially mindful of the difference your decisions make on the overall quality of your life. Doing everything with greater intention brings much more clarity and positive response from the universal forces that are working in line with your progress.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

This New Moon falls in your third house of communication and learning, Virgo. This is the natural house of Gemini in the horoscope, and as your ruler, Mercury, is now in Sagittarius (the sign opposing Gemini), you are likely to be craving new and exciting information. Take the time to process everything you have learned over the last month and to organize it in a way that makes it easily accessible to you for every day use. Ground the spiritual concepts that you are intrigued by in order to watch them bring more accountability and integrity into your personal decision-making rather than remaining abstract concepts that have no real pull or influence in your life.  You have also likely been expanding your social circle during this time and meeting new people in your neighbourhood or immediate surroundings that feel open to discussing your ideas with you, and this has had an effect on your sense of empowerment and what you are able to bring into the world.

Do be mindful, however, of how your sense of self-worth is affecting your ability to freely self-express at this time. As Mars is transiting your second house, questions of finances and value systems have likely come up, and are now being challenged by a square to Pluto in your fifth house. There is work to be done here in unifying your ability to draw in abundance and feel at ease with your creative self-expression. If you are lacking in confidence or a joyful and playful approach to your creative skills, your challenged sense of self-worth may close you off from receiving the abundance of this universe. Do not allow your strong will to get in the way of maintaining inner peace and harmony, which is what is truly necessary for you to attract the income you desire. Stay unattached to the result of your efforts and believe that the unrestrained joyfulness of your self-expression is capable of bringing prosperity into your life.  


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Libra and Libra Rising

This New Moon falls in your second house of finances and personal resources, Libra. A concentration of energy here over the last month has likely increased your emotional investment in your financial situation and brought up the question of how honestly your means of earning a living reflects your personal values. With Jupiter and your ruler, Venus, meeting in this house earlier in the week, you may have had easy money coming your way, or experienced an exalted appreciation of your personal comforts and financial situation. As Scorpio season has generated many shifts and has called for an honest evaluation of what needs to be released in our lives, you may find that your general outlook on your finances and resources has changed in tune with these considerations. Set your intentions for what you’d like your financial future to look like and what are your ideal ways (in line with your values and personal integrity) of getting there.

As Mars transits your first house and makes a square to Pluto in your fourth house the day following the New Moon, it is important for you to be especially mindful of behaving in a way that is too wilful or impatient. You are likely seeing what aspects of the ways you relate to family and those with whom you share your home are creating frustration or feelings of powerlessness very clearly now, and this makes you want to act impulsively on your feelings or become defensive in order to protect what you feel has been made too vulnerable. With Venus, your ruler, in the sign of Scorpio, much that has been repressed for the sake of maintaining harmony and balance in your relationships is now coming to the surface, and it may not be the easiest thing for you to stomach, being someone who generally dislikes conflict and confrontation. Work on grounding yourself and being open and honest about your feelings and needs before a tough situation pushes you over the edge.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This New Moon falls in your first house of the self, Scorpio. This is your season and your moon! This month has brought a lot of self-discovery and opening into your life, and you have likely been able to exercise your independence freely and accept new information about the ways you are, allowing it to inform you and expand your self-compassion. This is an extremely positive thing, as it assists you in your journey of empowerment and personal expansion, which is what you are here to partake in. With Venus transiting your first house, you are also more likely to compromise your needs for the sake of others and to accept the true value of maintaining harmony in your relations. As a Mars-ruled sign with an extremely strong personal will, this is a wildly important skill to develop in order to reach the level of depth and intimacy you long for in your relationships.

Your two rulers, Mars and Pluto, are squaring in the heavens and creating tension between your twelfth and third houses. Here there is conflict between your rational mind and your occult edge that has you seeking more psychedelic experiences. You may find your will is invested in doing things one way, while your sense of empowerment informs you of a different path that brings up fear of self-sacrifice or the desire to defend yourself. Beware of acting impulsively or reacting from a place of fear in order to protect yourself. It is possible you are perceiving something as being more threatening than it truly is. Find the middle ground between your voice of reason and your psychonaut tendencies of reading too deeply into situations in order to move forward.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This New Moon falls in your twelfth house of all that is psychedelic, divine and ultimately buried within the unconscious, Sagittarius. This past month has likely brought you some interesting insights about the outside world, as you are receiving clear assistance in lifting the veil of material reality. For you, this period always coincides with Scorpio season, a time of year that is already immersed within the transition from matter into spirit, as the last leaves fall from the trees and active life gives way to what is unseen and passive as life moves underground. The combination of these placements means this time of year is especially trippy for you, which you are able to internalize well depending on your ability to withdraw from the outside world a little and go inward. As your sign conveys a highly social and externalized energy, this may be foreign territory for you, leading to feelings of anxiety or perhaps a forced period of rest through catching a cold or flu. Listening to lectures by Terence McKenna, a Scorpio Sun and Sagittarius Rising, may help you to make sense out of what you are being asked to focus on at this time. It is ultimately a period designed for your spiritual evolution and to assist the dissolution of your ego. If you find yourself experiencing looser boundaries or confusion around why it feels more difficult to carve out your identity in a rigid way, this is why. Set your intentions for what you’d like your spiritual growth to look like over the winter season and what new knowledge you’d like to come into that could really take you on a ride into the depths of your consciousness.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This New Moon falls in your eleventh house of friendship and long-term goals, Capricorn. This past month has likely been an elated time of connecting to community and finding friendship with other visionaries and souls who are committed to their personal journeys of self-discovery and personal betterment. You have also likely been thinking about ways to achieve greater personal liberty and bring your talents to the collective in an original way. Set your intentions for what steps you’d like to take in the fulfilment of your long-term vision, and how you’d like to honour your truth more freely in the future. As a Saturn-dominated individual, sometimes it is difficult for you to step freely into the unknown with full faith that your individual vision will be supported by the universal forces at work in your life. Likely the positive reinforcements you have received for your efforts over the past month have helped you break out of that caution and reserve a little to come into a freer and stronger sense of what you can truly accomplish on your own in life. As Mars in your tenth house squares Pluto in your first, now is certainly a time where you will not stand as freely for being under someone else’s authority as your personal will is strong, especially around questions of your career and your freedom for authentic self-expression. Watch out for being too domineering or controlling in your way of communicating your needs, however, and be mindful of overreacting to a situation because of your increased sensitivity to feeling threatened at this time.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This New Moon falls in your tenth house of career and life purpose, Aquarius. This last month has likely shown you where you need to go to see your career prosper and has brought opportunities for you to exert your authority and ability for organization and leadership. Likely your relationships at work have felt an exalted sense of harmony and cohesion, which has contributed to this overall increase in authority at your workplace. Set your intentions for how you would like to grow in the area of your career and how you would like to be seen by those who have authority over you in your current position. Aquarius generally hates being presided over by any authority as you are more likely to question society’s way of hierarchical distributions of power, however this period may generate some insight into how you can both maintain your sense of integrity and vision while working within that very structure.

A square between Mars in your ninth house and Pluto in your twelfth may bring up some questions around your belief system and your perception of reality at this time. While Mars in the ninth is calling you to seek out experiences of consciousness expansion, Pluto in the twelfth might be fearful of where your inner journeying may take you. Work on grounding yourself in order to approach the unknown with curiosity and faith that what you will find will empower you, even if it has to disempower you a little first. The process that you may equate to disempowerment is actually just the dissolution of attachment to the ego-identity that keeps you separate from the true spiritual nature of reality. Let it go and trust that what you will uncover is for your greatest good only.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

This New Moon falls in your ninth house of belief systems and higher learning, Pisces. This past month has likely taken you into new ways of thinking about things that are very much in line with your holistic perspective and bigger picture inclinations. The ninth house is the natural house of Sagittarius in the horoscope, a sign that is ruled by your ancient ruler, Jupiter. You have likely stepped more freely into the side of yourself that is seeking for broader horizons along with more freedom of self-expression during the last month. Set your intentions for where you’d like to go, whether it is a physical faraway place of enriched culture and new experience; or a more otherworldly place of consciousness expansion and increased capacity for learning and understanding your environment.

A square between Mars in your eighth house and Pluto in your eleventh house might bring up some challenging dynamics within your community or within the intimacy of your current partnership. As Mars transits your eighth, a house of the unconscious and the natural house of Scorpio, a lot of repressed emotions relating to feelings of powerlessness have likely come to the surface and require your active attention in order to be integrated and expressed properly. If you find yourself wanting to move into the defensive through an increased sense of vulnerability and perceived threat, be mindful of this impulsive reaction. Be honest about your feelings but patient with yourself and others as these buried emotions come to light. Use your feelings as guides to the next step of what needs to be released in your life, but try to stay grounded and avoid being overwhelmed by the power of your emotions. All is well.


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