Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Taurus

Artwork by CUR3ES

Artwork by CUR3ES

The Full Moon at 11 degrees Taurus is occurring on Saturday, November 4th at 1:23 AM ET


The major aspect highlighted by this Full Moon is the opposition between Venus in Libra and Uranus in Aries. When these two planets meet, we want more novelty and increased freedom in our relationships. Venus, while being mostly happy to dwell in the harmonious land of Libra, can sometimes get into stagnant emotional patterns in this sign energy. Harmony and union does not necessarily equate to constant evolution and excitement, and Uranus in the sign of Aries is reminding us of our desires to experience the unplanned, the improvised and the highly original within the framework of our relationships.

Uranus is always trying to shatter rigid structures and outdated modes of being, so in challenging Venus, it is breaking down outworn modes of relating, especially those that glaze over problems in favour of “getting along,” instead of addressing them with a more raw and sometimes chaotic approach. The energy of Scorpio season is perfectly correlated with this planetary dialogue, as despite its best efforts, Scorpio can ultimately not contain the volcanic desire for depth and genuine connection in relationships.

If your lover is acting distant or things feel like they’re reaching a chaotic breakdown of your existing patterns of relating, be grateful that the truth is being shown to you at this time. The survival and thriving of your relationship probably depends on it.


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Aries and Aries Rising

This Full Moon falls in your second house of finances, personal resources and self-worth, Aries. This month has likely felt pretty emotionally overwhelming as several planets transit through your eighth house of endings, release and transformation. What has transpired might be intense, but it is all in the name of you stepping into a healthier expression of your personal power. The Full Moon, as the maximal point of tension in the month, is further emphasizing your management of personal power and this time it brings in the question of your earning power, money management and questions of how your self-worth is affecting these areas of your life. Questions of financial freedom from debt, or simply having enough to live the lifestyle you desire, are likely to surface. Spend some time reflecting on how your sense of self-worth is connected to how much or how little you are earning. Do you undervalue yourself and end up shorthanded when it comes to your finances? Or, do you see money as a reflection of your personal power and end up feeling low when your financial circumstances are less than what you would like them to be? Recognize that you have the power to manifest your ideal life regardless of what your material circumstances are reflecting back to you at this time.

Your partner may be acting distant or erratic at this time, and it is possible that your relationship has reached a certain plateau of emotional stagnation. Things need to be shaken up again to fully embrace the potential of Scorpio season to revive and deepen your intimacy.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

This Full Moon falls in your first house of the self, Taurus. This month has likely felt heavily concentrated on your relationships and social obligations as several planets transit your seventh house. An emphasis has been placed on the expression of your Venusian nature and your ability to be compromising and harmonious within your relations. At the point of maximal tension indicated by the Full Moon, you may find yourself questioning what relationships in your life truly allow you to express your authentic self, and which ones feel more like a constant effort at harmony that ends up exhausting you or frustrating your sense of freedom. The first house is a house of independent action, and the Moon here will likely allow you to see very clearly which high-maintenance relationships in your life are not allowing for your full self-expression. As Scorpio season is also a time of release and transformation, you may find these connections becoming weaker as they fall out of vibrational alignment with your natural way of being.

Your ruler, Venus, is moving into the sign of Scorpio on November 7th, which will further amplify your desire for real and authentic connections in your life. As Venus moves into a conjunction with Jupiter on November 13th, you may meet someone new who sparks your longing for understanding the deeper meaning of life through the exploration of philosophical and spiritual concepts. Also, any business contacts you make during this time may lead to opportunities for travel or may serve your personal expansion in a notable way. If you are already in a loving relationship, you may feel a temporary desire for increased freedom as you explore new social networks. In any case, growth through your relationships and a longing to vivify current relationship dynamics are the theme at this time.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Full Moon falls in your twelfth house of spiritual work, isolation and escapism, Gemini. This month has likely brought attention to your health and your lifestyle habits, as well as your ability to be organized around your work and daily tasks. With several planets transiting your sixth house, your mind-body connection is emphasized, which means that any lifestyle practice that is not serving your mental, emotional or physical health is more likely to create dis-ease in the body at this time. At the point of maximal tension indicated by the Full Moon, your spiritual health is added to this list of important considerations that are affecting the overall health of your body and the quality of your life. The twelfth house is one connected to hospitals and isolation, and the reason for this is that energies working through this house use the physical body to expose spiritual misalignment in your attitudes, behaviours and general life approach. Take some time to reflect on matters of personal integrity, proper management of power, and selfless service to others, to see how much energy you’re really dedicating to your spiritual evolution and growth. Happily, your ruler, Mercury, enters Sagittarius on November 5th, which will likely aid you in the search for deeper spiritual meaning to your life experiences.

If you find yourself feeling ill or having to take some time away from your social obligations, understand that this is a time rich with potential for you to do some internal work and self-examination. Taking retreat to a safe space in order to process your emotions is a good idea either way during this Full Moon, and may be a practice you need to start working with more often, as your attention can too often be largely externally directed. Pay attention to any dreams or divine downloads that come to mind during this time and trust them to guide you towards making the necessary changes in your life.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eleventh house of friendship, social networks and long-term goals, Cancer. This time has likely been fruitfully creative as several planets transit your fifth house, and this Full Moon is no exception. Now is a great time to display your creative works in community settings, to make new connections that are supportive to your long-term goals and vision, and to be fearless about taking up space with your creative force and energy. Spend some time reflecting on the way you would like to be received by your community and what activities would be most supportive for the continued blossoming of your creative gifts.

Venus in your fourth house is making an opposition to Uranus in the 10th, which does suggest that the harmony of your home life may be interrupted because of career-related developments. Recognize that whatever is transpiring is actually liberating your couple or family from unrealistic pressures on the relationship dynamics, however chaotic it may seem. Venus is going to make some beautiful aspects to Jupiter and Neptune later in the month, which suggests that our relationships will eventually be in for a treat, provided we dissolve our illusions and expand our boundaries for personal freedom now.


Leo and Leo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your tenth house of career development and life purpose, Leo. This month has likely been pretty home-oriented for you with several planets transiting your fourth house. You have been spending more time with family and focusing on your self-care rituals without feeling the pressure to be social or to throw yourself into new career endeavours. As this Full Moon indicates the point of maximal tension in the month, it would be fruitful to assess the balance between your home life and your career advancement. Spend some time reflecting on what steps you would like to take in your career, and the emotional stability that will be required to launch new projects and project yourself more strongly into your chosen field of work. If you have been making the time to nurture yourself, you may have noticed that opportunities for career advancement seem to pour in more freely when you have a solid sense of self and a foundation of self-love to work from. When we are exhausted from striving or trying too hard, we naturally emit an energy that is imbalanced and less attractive to those whose attentions could provide us with new opportunities for public recognition and career growth. Don’t underestimate the value of self-care and of keeping your emotional contacts and relationships in alignment. All areas of your life have to ideally be balanced and taken care of in order for you to achieve and push more freely towards self-realization.

An opposition between Venus in your third house and Uranus in your ninth house suggests you may be put on the spot by a teacher, friend or sibling in regards to your personal beliefs and worldview. Be sure to favour holism and stay open-minded, as you can sometimes get too attached to your opinions. This ultimately brings you pain, as people perceive you as being domineering and controlling. Relax your need to know the ultimate truth about all things and accept that there is still much to learn.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your ninth house of belief systems, long-distance travel, and spiritual expansion, Virgo. Likely you have met some new friends this month and have attracted new people into your life with whom you can share your ideas freely. As the Full Moon indicates the maximal point of tension in the lunar cycle, you are now being challenged to further expand your world-view and be inspired by the teachings of spiritual traditions and faraway cultures. Your ruler, Mercury, will enter Sagittarius on November 5th, which will further motivate this new learning. Expansiveness is truly the keyword here, and that can be difficult when you are working within strict boundaries or not leaving enough room for improvisation. We know you are a master at planning and creating efficient ways of doing just about anything, but in order to be carried forward by an inspired glimpse into spiritual reality, you have to let go of some of your notions of what constitutes material reality and of what is truly possible in this Earth realm. Enjoy this time of increased freedom and elasticity and allow it to inform your future moments of constriction and over-analysis!

An opposition between Venus in your second house and Uranus in your 8th suggests you will likely experience some questions around your finances and shared resources. How are you able to create more financial independence for yourself? If you already are supporting yourself fully, in what ways would you like to work directly in line with your value systems to make the living you desire? If there are less than harmonious feelings about the way you make your living, they are sure to come up at this time.


Libra and Libra Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eighth house of transformation, release and endings, Libra. Likely this month has been pretty focused around financial goals and has made you reflect on how your talents and abilities can be applied towards achieving greater abundance and prosperity in your life. This month, the point of maximal tension indicated by the Full Moon also brings the question of how your perspective on your self-worth is assisting or blocking your ability to gain the financial freedom and independence (if that is the case) that you desire. Because it is Scorpio season and the eighth house is the natural house of Scorpio in the zodiac wheel, this time will also bring up a lot around what emotional and behavioural patterns need to be released or transformed in your life. Often we get stuck in certain ways of being and continue in those ways unconsciously even when they are destructive or damaging to our relationships. Right now, there is no hiding from all the tough stuff, and often it will come out in power struggles or conflicts in our relationships. This is not exactly territory that you are super comfortable in, Libra, but is definitely necessary in order to extinguish old and stagnant ways of being and relating. Try to embrace the discomfort so you can step into greater vibrational alignment with what you want to create in your life. Your ruler, Venus, is moving into Scorpio on November 7th, which further strengthens the narrative of change and transformative growth for you and your relationships.

The opposition between Venus and Uranus that is highlighted by this Full Moon is occurring on the axis of your first and seventh houses, which again suggests a chaotic or disruptive but ultimately enlightening change to the landscape of your relationships. There’s just no getting away from this shift in energy this month!


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Full Moon falls in your seventh house of close relationships, partnership and marriage, Scorpio. This month has been likely charged in self-directed action for you as several planets transit your first house of the self. Plus, it’s Scorpio season! Are you comfortable with all the necessary but painful change your sign is forcing onto everyone around you? But no seriously, this transitionary period has been rough on everyone, and with the point of maximal tension in the month indicated by the Full Moon creating an opposition between your first and seventh houses, your relationships are on the chopping block. This Moon you are likely to get some insights into how you behave in relationships, especially in the management of the time you spend alone vs. with your partner. Although you are a sign that craves profound connection, you take things slow and make very sure to not get too caught up in the winds of romance. However, this tendency towards self-preservation and protection in order to not end up too vulnerable in your intimacies can hinder your relationships from growing. See if there are any predictable relationship dynamics you’ve fallen into with your partner and reflect on if any of these patterns have to do with your desire to maintain a safe distance from emotional vulnerability. You may find your partner is more likely to act out during this time or to also disconnect in order to protect themselves from your individualistic tendencies; and we all know that two protected hearts will never fuse in the way you truly desire.

The opposition between Uranus and Venus that is being highlighted by this Moon is occurring between your sixth and twelfth houses. As Venus transits your twelfth house, you may find that your compassionate understanding is amplified, and in coming into opposition with Uranus in the sixth, this compassion may be provoked in a way that surprises you and deepens your insight into the value of compromise.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your sixth house of health, daily ritual and the mind-body connection, Sagittarius. This past month has likely brought on the need to retreat a little from the world as a lot has revealed itself and requires your active emotional processing. This is because several planets are transiting your twelfth house of release, spiritual growth and compassionate awareness, and are shaping your perspective to be more holistic and less ego-oriented. Unfortunately, the combination of an intense Scorpio season and transits through your twelfth (which always occurs at the same time, by the way) has likely created a pretty overwhelmingly emotional situation for you, especially as you are not used to being bogged down by emotional processing or having to retreat from the world. With the maximal point of tension this month indicated by the Full Moon creating an opposition between your sixth and twelfth houses, your body is more likely to express your spiritual restlessness at this time. Transits to the twelfth house always bring unresolved emotional issues to the surface, and can create a lot of fear and anxiety if we are unsure of how to handle these properly. This intense emotional energy also has an effect on the body, creating energetic strain on your systems and organs. If you haven’t already, visiting an energy healer would be appropriate and fruitful during this time, and will help you to release some deep issues that have been with you for a long time. In the spirit of your ruler, Jupiter, having also just made its ingress into Scorpio, this year is prime for the resolution of your more destructive emotional tendencies in order for you to fully step into your personal power.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fifth house of creative self-expression, Capricorn. Likely you have been enjoying this time as a series of planets transits your eleventh house and brings with it new friendships and an expansion of your social network. With the maximal point of tension this month indicated by the Full Moon creating an opposition between your fifth and eleventh houses, you are being asked the question of how your creative gifts and talents can be made to serve the greater human family and can support the manifestation of your long-term vision for success more fully. This is perhaps the least difficult axis in the chart to approach, and largely involves your embrace of your inner Leo. Allow yourself to take up space and to radiate your creative gifts freely and unhindered by your nature, which can tend towards reservation and placing limitations on yourself. Reflect on how you would dress, talk and express yourself if you had no fear of what other people thought, and if you experienced the world as essentially loving and just waiting to embrace you and your uniqueness.

The Venus-Uranus opposition being highlighted by this Moon is occurring between your tenth house of career and your fourth house of family life and emotional security. There is likely to be some dispute around these areas of your life and a suggestion of how you could better balance your work-life and home-life. We all know you are the most ambitious sign of the zodiac and contain the necessary strength and perseverance to actually get to the top of your proverbial mountain, but don’t forget the importance of self-care and building a solid foundation of self-love for your success. This is done by taking time away from your work when you need to nurture yourself and your relationships. The health of your relationships will also affect the way others see you and will bring more recognition into your life, so it is a worthwhile thing to focus on, especially during Scorpio season!


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fourth house of home life, self-love and self-care practices, Aquarius. Likely this month has been full of career advancement and career opportunities as several planets transit your tenth house. However, the point of maximal tension this month indicated by the Full Moon places tension between your balance of work-life and home-life. During this time, the question of nurturing yourself in order to approach your work from an inner core of emotional stability and inner radiance becomes an important consideration. Have you been overextending yourself in one area and failing to take care of your deeper emotional needs? Recognize the profound relationship between career success and the radiance that comes from taking care of yourself properly. Striving and working yourself too hard are ultimately not the easiest ways into the position you long to attain. Working on your sense of personal security and emotional well-being emits another kind of powerful vibration; one that draws opportunities into your life through communicating to others that you know how to balance your needs properly and can be counted on to do reliable work. By tending to your inner garden, you create the emotional climate that is necessary to attract opportunities into your life instead of striving outwardly for what you’d like to attain.

The opposition between Venus and your ruler, Uranus, which is being highlighted by this Moon is occurring between your ninth and third houses. Watch out about getting too frosty around your personal opinions or belief systems, especially when it gets in the way of maintaining harmonious relationships. Your natural tendency to detach from situations when things aren’t going your way is likely to be amplified, especially in the terrain of your personal relationships, so try to be extra aware of that desire to just disconnect from the interaction. Especially now, during Scorpio season, you won’t get away with it without a fight.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Full Moon falls in your third house of learning, communication and neighbours, Pisces. This month has likely been full of new ideas and concepts coming into your life, especially those that emphasize the spiritual nature of the universe and nurture your ability to understand the way in which all things are connected. You have maybe been craving long-distance travel, or learning about faraway cultures to enrich your understanding of the diversity of the human experience. With the point of maximal tension this month indicated by the Full Moon making an opposition between your third and ninth houses, it is time for you to freely and openly communicate with others about what you are learning and would like to learn. Writing your ideas down is another good way of exploring them further, and may help you to speak up about your insights with more confidence and with conviction that they will be accepted by others. This is a time of creative inspiration through the realms of word and thought, so allow it to permeate your consciousness and expand your world-view.

The opposition between Venus and Uranus being highlighted by this Moon is between your second and eighth houses. This will likely provoke some unexpected changes in your financial landscape, especially as they are related to a change in your value system or your desire to create greater financial freedom for yourself. The question of money may not be entirely in your own hands but may extend to your partner’s resources, your debts or an inheritance coming your way. In any case there is a fluctuation in this area, and reflecting on the idea of what would be necessary in order for the concepts of money and freedom to equate will be fruitful at this time.


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