Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Sagittarius

Artwork by Camille Chew

Artwork by Camille Chew

If you know your Ascendant, read the horoscope for that sign first.

Follow with the Sun sign if you'd like more guidance.

Aries and Aries Rising

This Full Moon falls in your ninth house of higher learning and belief systems, Aries. Reflect on your life philosophy and how it has served your personal expansion and growth in consciousness. Likely there are a few neighbours and people in your immediate surroundings that have contributed fruitful information to the expansion of your world-view since the New Moon. Share your ideas and be open about what’s been on your mind. Look to any subjects you’d like to deepen your understanding of and consider how you could undertake a more extensive study of them.

Things have likely been a bit challenging lately, as your ruler Mars has been in opposition to the karmic teacher of the solar system, Saturn, and has just moved into Cancer, where his powers of strength and activity are not as well supported. Likely you’ve been called to add more discipline, focus and organization to the expression of your will, through much frustration and a few hard lessons. Look to how this has positively affected your working process, instead of focussing on the negative. With Mars in your fourth house, it is important to be openly expressive about how you’re feeling at home. Likely you’ll be more irritable, or you may find anger as a quick reaction to anything that threatens your sense of personal safety and confidence. Use this time for self-care and tending to your home in order to mediate these feelings.

Luckily, things should be going nicely in your relationships, as Mars is in an exact sextile with Venus during this Full Moon. As Venus passes through your second house, you may be feeling especially drawn to purchasing beauty products, facials, or more expensive items that feel of great value to you. This is also a time where money may be more easy to come upon, provided you are able to remain optimistic and not allow any insecurities to compromise your ability to manifest wealth.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eighth house of endings, sexuality, and personal transformation, Taurus. A nice flow of energy is passing through your water houses at this time, and new ways of being are easier to step into. If there are negative emotional reactions you’d like to release in order to make way for a more empowered way of being, now is the time to take action. There is also a strong indication that through sexual fusion with another, you can reach new heights of spiritual freedom and can develop a greater sense of personal security and confidence.

Your ruler, Venus, has finally entered your sign and first house. Now is a fruitful time for tapping into your negotiating abilities and for celebrating the strength of your relationships. Venus in the first house will bring harmony, and a general feeling of increased pleasure and comfort, just be sure to not be overly compromising in your desire to make others feel at ease and harmonious.

With Mars in the third house, now is a time for you to learn, and lately you may have felt the challenge of structuring your belief systems in a way that feels more applicable to daily life. Use your mental energy to explore subjects about which you’ve been curious, and be open about sharing your enthusiasm for these ideas with others. Be aware, however, that you are not too forceful in your speech, as others may see it as aggression.

As the Sun and Mercury pass through your second house, finances are on your mind. There is a possibility that some confusion through your group of friends or community will affect your ability to harness prosperity at this time. Do not be too self-sacrificial or allow your compassionate nature to cross into martyrdom. Meditate on your sense of self-worth and what your values truly mean to you.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Full Moon falls in your seventh house of partnership and relationships, Gemini.  Reflect on those people in your life who allow you to be your most authentic self and support your journey of self-realization through their role as a mirror for all your potential. Your relationships should be feeling very strong, stimulating and supportive at this time.

Mercury, your ruler, has entered your sign and first house. Mental activity is high and you should be feeling open, extroverted, and at liberty to discuss whatever is on your mind. Use this time to foster the connection to your deep inner needs and your intuitive force. You often struggle with trusting yourself and your ability to know what is right for you, and now is the time to mend some of those feelings, replacing them with more certainty and conviction.

With Venus in your twelfth house, you may find your desire to commune with large groups of like-minded individuals has shifted to create more time for yourself and the reflection of your values. Likely you are able to easily access the motivation to do what you need to in order to attract what you desire into your life, but you may feel that at this time your desires are more spiritual in nature than they are material. Honour this and explore the value of transcendence and spiritual unity.

Be aware to not let any confusion in the workplace or around figures of authority affect your free self-expression. Your sensitivities are heightened and you may create narratives in these situations that don’t truly reflect the circumstances. Be open but protect your sense of personal identity.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Full Moon falls in your sixth house of health, Cancer. There is potential to alleviate some of the health struggles you’ve been experiencing and to achieve a sense of purity in the body that supports a strong mind. With the Sun travelling through the twelfth house, you’ve likely obtained some spiritual messages recently that could directly apply to any ailment you are experiencing physically. Take some time to reflect on how these could be linked. Pay attention to any synchronicities that are occurring at this time that leave you more in tune with the interconnected fabric of reality. You are becoming more sensitive to the subtleties of this realm, and they will help you in your spiritual progress. Just make sure to keep some boundaries, as the desire to be at one with the whole may create self-sacrificial behaviours that make you feel victimized in the end.

With Mars in your sign and first house, your motivation is strong. Make sure you are operating from a place of inner strength and security to make the best of these energies, especially since this placement sometimes creates the amplification of your deepest inner needs. If you feel these aren’t being met, you could lash out in anger or just be experiencing more irritability than usual. Find a channel for your drive and make sure you are tending to your self-care rituals in order for this time to be especially fruitful. With a sextile aspect between Mars and Venus in your eleventh house, your friend group or community could be central to motivating new projects and supporting your self-discovery.

A supportive flow of energy is moving through your Earth houses and making sure that with a little effort, your material needs are being more than taken care of. Allow this knowledge to bring you into a sense of inner harmony and ease in relation to attracting abundance, as this will increase the benefit of these planetary positions.

Leo and Leo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fifth house of romance, children and creative self-expression, Leo. This is your natural house of the zodiac, and an area in which you should feel more than comfortable. Use these heightened energies to radiate your talents and abilities and step into your power as a creative individual. Using romance as an outlet for joy and self-expression will also be rewarding at this time, although the relationship is most likely to be short-lived.

With Mars in your twelfth house, this may feel like a time where your motivation is harder to access, and this is because you are being asked to focus on the internal, spiritual sides of your development. Prayer, meditation and yoga will all be fruitful ways to expend this energy and to attain new inner states of spiritual unity. You will likely have more compassion towards others and want to assist them when you can, but don't give so much of yourself that you feel drained, as this will create frustration and anger that may not find an easy outlet for expression.

As the Sun and Mercury pass through your eleventh house, you should be feeling supported by your community and friend group. It is possible that an old conflict will resurface within this group during this time, however, which may make you feel powerless and confused. Maintain your boundaries and know that it shall pass. 

A nice flow of energy is moving through your fire houses and bringing with it lots of energy that supports your self-expression and personal expansion. Just make sure you respect the creative cycle: some days you will be able to pour forth much inspiration and energy towards projects and other days it will be more fruitful to rest and be in a more receptive mode. Respect this natural flow in order to avoid burning yourself out.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fourth house of home, self-care, and emotional security. Look to the practices in your life that bring you a sense of nurturance so that you can nurture others. Your maternal side is strong and your ability to take care of yourself and others often goes unnoticed (Virgo is connected to slavery in ancient astrology and this is because this sign energy is so tuned to serving its surroundings through practical, earthy means). Look to what will make you feel confident and secure instead of focusing on what would be fruitful for others. Your ability to radiate a sense of emotional security and safety will be beneficial in your self-expression around career.

With your ruler, Mercury, in the sign of Gemini, you should be feeling mentally stimulated and eager to learn. In the tenth house, Mercury is bringing in knowledge that will directly support your career ambitions and ultimate life’s purpose. Allow yourself to marinate in knowledge that feels supportive of this end and be radiant and freely self-expressive around figures of authority. Career growth is likely this month, as long as you are able to maintain your boundaries and stay focused.

With Mars in your eleventh house you are easily motivated to self-betterment and to independent action that supports your long-term goals. With Venus in your ninth house of beliefs making a sextile aspect to Mars, it is important for you to see how your spiritual values are supporting the manifestation of your vision. Are you generally optimistic and faithful or do you allow critical thoughts and negativity to overwhelm your psyche? Negativity will only attract negativity and make it more difficult for you to get where you’d like to be going. It is in your nature to be analytical, but the strength of your rational mind may override the magic of this Earth plane. Stay open to miracles and miracles are more likely to come.

Libra and Libra Rising

This Full Moon falls in your third house of communication, learning and neighbourhood contacts, Libra. Look to the people in your immediate surroundings who inspire you to expand your mind’s horizons and how their influence has contributed to your taking on of new philosophies and new knowledge. Fulfill your desire to be mentally stimulated through socializing, staying open to meeting new people, and engaging your need to understand your environment.

Your ruler, Venus, has moved into Taurus and your eighth house. Now may be a time where you feel especially attracted to individuals who have Scorpionic qualities and who exude a certain intensity and strength of vitality. This will be a time of re-evaluation of your sexual practices and intimate relationships in the efforts to bring your sense of personal empowerment to the fore. Look to the management of power in your relationships to see where you are operating from a place of emotional security and where you may be behaving in a way that creates a loss of individual strength and certainty. Things should feel generally harmonious in your deeper relationships, although your partner may be struggling with self-confidence at this time and may display this struggle through being extra critical. Avoid the tendency to compromise in favour of harmony and communicate your feelings actively.

Mars in Cancer is in your tenth house of career and promises much activity in that area. Use your extra motivation to develop new organizational skills and display your ability to take on more responsibility. Although you may have felt misunderstood by figures of authority in the last while, this will soon pass; do not allow any circumstance to anger you or create frustration in the workplace. Look to the ease and stability that is permeating your relationships at this time for personal grounding.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Full Moon falls in your second house of finances, personal resources and value systems, Scorpio. Use this extra energy to do money affirmations, to remain receptive to receiving income, and to structure your approach to managing your resources. The sign of Scorpio is intimately connected to money through the narrative of desire. Like sex, money represents an energy that we can feel empowered by when there is abundance of it in our lives. What is important is to not allow the circumstantial conditions of money (whether it be abundance or its opposite) to determine what our sense of personal empowerment is. Meaning, learn to stay grounded in your sense of self-worth whether you are feeling flush or not, and this will help you manage your resources better when money does come in. It’s important to develop a relationship to money that is detached from your personal ego. There is a reason why Scorpio is connected to debt, and this has to do with money as a symbol of personal power. Find a way to rewrite your narrative with money wherein its presence is not so attached to your ability to feel strong. This will unlock a major release of energy for you, and will promote the proper management of your desire.

Your ruler, Mars, has been opposing Saturn and squaring Chiron for the last while, and likely this has brought some hard lessons and wounding into your life, creating frustration and pain but also creating a doorway to transformation that invites your attention. As Mars has moved into your ninth house, you will find extra energy for seeking new forms of knowledge and wisdom that may be helpful in tying up the loose ends of the transformative process you have just gone through. Look to spiritual texts and philosophies to broaden your perceptions and expand your mind. With the Sun and Mercury continuing to light up your eighth house, there is more change and release to come.

A steady flow of energy is continuing to light up your Earth houses and promise work, financial reward and career growth. Relax a bit around these subjects so you allow this movement to bring in more opportunities.  

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your first house, Sagittarius. Now is the time to reflect on what makes you an individual, to embrace your most authentic form of self-expression, and to engage in some self-discovery. Look to the relationships you have in your life that allow you to take time for yourself when you need it, and to nurture the growth you must undertake outside of the relation. Be grateful to those who hold space for you, and who are able to manage their own needs to allow you maximum freedom.

Your fire houses are being energized at this time, and the opportunities for self-expression and higher learning are great. Use this to further liberate your ability for expansion and radiance, as this will bring you more joy and opportunities. Following your feelings of expansiveness will reap many rewards, and engaging with your environment as essentially benevolent and operating in your favour will work to your advantage.

As the Sun and Mercury pass through your seventh house you will have a lot of energy available for your deeper relationships, and you will find your negotiating skills strengthened. Now is also a good time to form business contacts and to engage individuals who share your desire for diplomacy and harmony. With Mars in your eighth, you may find you are deep diving into the subconscious, which can either cause old resentments and angers to resurface, or will contribute to transforming elements of your being that you feel regularly strip you of your ability to manage your personal power. Recognize that if you are not engaging with these energies on a conscious level, they will be brought into your life through outside events or individuals who may feel threatening or provoke feelings of defensiveness or even aggression in you. Best to keep afloat and stay aware that this process is occurring to bring you into a deeper relationship to your personal empowerment.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Full Moon falls in your twelfth house of dreams, fantasies, and the archetypal realm underlying manifest reality. You may feel uncomfortable in these waters as they are far less structured and much more vague than the world you normally navigate. Look to your physical exercise routine, diet and daily rituals to ground you. If you have a strong relationship to your faith, now will be the time you will want to ask for the support of your guides and gods to direct your experience. If not, you may feel this influence as being overpowering and may react by feeling victimized by life. Whatever synchronicities, dreams or waking visions you experience during this time are trying to inform you of your deeper nature and aspects of yourself that need to be released or strengthened through the development of greater faith in life. Luckily, a steady stream of energy is giving stability to the transformative process taking place and will help this process of release along.

As the Sun moves through your sixth house you will want to focus your energies on feeling healthy and purifying your body. If you haven’t done a spring detox, now may be a good time to consider doing so. You will find your body is especially expressive of any bad foods, habits or environments, so be aware of this sensitivity and honour your body’s need for clean food, clean environments, clean relations and clean conversations.

A sextile aspect between your fifth house Venus and seventh house Mars indicates now is a good time to attract a relationship into your life. You are brave in your manner of relating and yet exude comfort. This is a recipe for creating romantic ties with another that will be playful, harmonious and creatively inspiring. Just make sure to temper any extra assertiveness or criticism!

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eleventh house of friendship, community and self-improvement, Aquarius. This is the house you naturally preside over in the wheel so these energies should be familiar and easily integrated into your self-expression. If there are self-improvement rituals you’ve been meaning to explore but haven’t had the chance to, now is the time to engage them and try them out. Likely you will feel super social and free to express yourself within your community of like-minded visionaries. If you don’t feel you have a friend group that is supportive of your unique and eccentric way of being, move on. Rather than belonging to a structure that has already been created, you have the power to attract the right people to you through the advent of your inner radiance. These people will become your extended community. Let go of shame and self-consciousness in order to more easily connect with your inner Leo, who is free to radiate his true nature no matter what the circumstance. If you have friends in your inner circle who are not supportive of your inner light, thank them for their presence and flock to greener pastures. You too easily underestimate your likeable nature and electric presence. You know you are a star so go out there and be one!

As the Sun and Mercury travel through your fifth house, you will want to engage your creative expression. Take some time to enjoy your creative talents and abilities. This, too, will nurture your inner Leo and create space for you to discover more about who you are through your creations. As Venus passes through your fourth house, you should be feeling pretty comfortable and will regularly engage in self-care and self-love rituals. Look to these to give you a sense of confidence and emotional stability.

As Mars moves through the sixth house you will have extra motivation to eat right, exercise and organize your day-to-day. The consequences of not engaging these areas are inflammation in the body and irritability around daily tasks. Get your work flow going and resist the desire to react to situations with impatience or anger.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Full Moon falls in your tenth house of career, public recognition and life purpose, Pisces. Likely you will be asked to assume greater responsibility in these areas and be more self-assured about your life direction. Trust in your ability to engage these areas positively and don’t let doubt stand in the way of opening new vistas of possibility for you. A harmonious flow of energy is passing through your earth houses, and should support this process through giving you a sense that your finances and workflow are being looked after. Embrace the positive potential in these material aspects of your life in order to feel more secure.

As the Sun and Mercury pass through your fourth house, self-care and self-love are important. Take time to nurture yourself and engage in self-care routines that make you feel emotionally strong and confident. Work on communicating your needs openly and setting up boundaries that allow you to take care of yourself as readily as you give of yourself to those in need.

With Mars in the fifth house, you will have extra energy for creative expression and romantic pursuits. With Venus in your third house aspecting Mars by sextile, the person you attract may be a friend, neighbour, or someone with whom you engage often in your immediate surroundings. Use your ability to talk sweet and express yourself poetically to assist the seduction process! If romance is not on your mind, this is a ripe time for writing especially but also any other form of creativity.

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