Horoscopes for the New Moon in Cancer

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Aries and Aries Rising

This New Moon falls in your fourth house of home, roots, and emotional security, Aries. Invest in making your space a safe haven, as a lot of energy is passing through this area of your life in the next little while! It will be important for you to create an atmosphere in which you can feel supported and nurtured in order to prepare you for the coming Full Moon, which is illuminating your house of career and public recognition. If you haven’t done your spring-cleaning yet, now is a good time. All items carry energy and keeping a lot of unnecessary things in your space creates stagnation. Doing a deep cleanse of your home will likely take you on an emotional journey that will be favourable for developing greater stability and self-love, so heed the urge to clear our clutter.

The New Moon will activate a T-square between your ruler, Mars, which is in conjunction with Mercury and in hard aspect to both Jupiter and Pluto. You may find you are easily irritated during this time, especially by inharmonious contacts with your friend group and partnerships (business or romantic). Watch out that this irritation doesn’t open up a well of deeper anger that is ultimately residual and not directly related to the present source of your frustration. It is possible that your reactions will be compulsive and destructive at this time, so try to ease this by being super self-aware and by actively engaging in the self-care you will need to feel emotionally supported and grounded.

Luckily, your partner is likely to be compassionate and understanding of your struggles, and the lines of communication will become even more open come July 5th when Venus enters Gemini.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

This New Moon falls in your third house of communication, along with a slew of other planets! A fresh surge of mental energy will have you longing to learn and open yourself up to new ways of communicating. It is possible your relationship to your siblings will also be highlighted at this time, bringing with it a bit of frustration or disagreement. Be aware of speaking too harshly or too forcefully about your belief systems at this time. If you are experiencing anger, look beyond the immediate situation in order to find the true source of your discontent. Use your passionate energy in the area of communication and learning in order to enrich your own knowledge instead of being confrontational in circumstances that challenge your way of life. While Mars is transiting your third house (until its entry into Leo on July 21st), be careful during your daily journeys and in transportation. Any recklessness might result in an accident.

Your tendency to long for practicality might leave you feeling like your routine is becoming a bit lifeless. Try to modify your approach by exploring the deeper meaning of your experiences and synchronicities. The time is ripe for you to grow in spiritual awareness and understanding.

Your ruler, Venus, is in your sign and transiting your first house, which has likely created a sense of exalted comfort and has made relaxation come easier than usual. On July 5th, Venus will enter Gemini and contribute further to your mental curiosity and longing to explore. As Venus comes into a T-square with the North and South Nodes in your fifth house on July 1st, you may find it difficult to find harmony with a new lover, romantic partner, or members of your extended friend group and community. They may be challenging your value system or pose a threat to your sense of financial security. Be resourceful and bring in your ability to negotiate and make peace.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

This New Moon falls in your second house of finances, personal resources and value systems. Money is on your mind this month with a stellium of planets hanging out in this house! Give some thought to the way you attract wealth and how you manage your money. Now is the time where frustrations will be felt towards having less than you desire, and you can use this energy positively to motivate you towards getting out there and doing what needs to be done in order for you to bring in more prosperity. Alternatively, you may behave compulsively in your spending as though to prove to yourself that money is not what determines your level of power in this lifetime. Try to divorce your sense of self-worth from how much money you have. Make sacrifices if debts need to be paid so that you can feel good about your financial future. Explore some intention setting towards the amount of money you’d like to bring in, and some wealth affirmations to help rewrite any negative money scripts you’ve been nursing.   

Your ruler, Mercury, is in conjunction with Mars at this time. Likely you will feel more irritable and easily angered. If this is the case, try to be very aware of the true source of your frustration. If you have the desire to react in a way that is spiteful, bitter, or resentful, you may be bringing old things into a current dynamic that don’t belong there. Focus on your long-term goals to find relief from any situations that are contributing to these negative emotions. Your friend group will provide a safe retreat.

You may feel more limited in how freely you can express yourself at this time, and this is because you are being asked to truly act in accordance with your beliefs as well as to release any outworn emotional habits that threaten your freedom of expression through the creation of power struggles with your outside environment. As Mercury enters Leo on July 6th, this feeling will be eased somewhat as you are given the chance to communicate your creative energy more openly.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

This New Moon falls in your first house of identity, ego and authentic self-expression, Cancer. You should be feeling plenty of energy towards independent action and you may even feel that you are longing to shift your appearance to match this more expressive, fiery side of your personality. You will find yourself being easily assertive and even a bit one-sided in your dealings with others. During this time you will begin to truly appreciate the relationships in your life that allow you to take up space and be more self-sufficient with your decisions. As a result this may be a transformative time for your close relationships, as you gain perspective on who is able to give you space to assert and who is not. As the coming Full Moon will be falling in your seventh house of partnership, set some intentions for attracting relationships that honour this powerful, self-assured side of you.

One thing to be aware of during this time of increased focus on the self is that your perspective may become a bit one-sided and subjective. If you find yourself becoming frustrated with others, this may be the reason why. Don’t forget to employ your negotiating and harmonizing abilities to maintain peace in all encounters with others. Any unchecked anger will create power struggles that are not favourable to your sense of emotional stability and security. Avoid these kinds of confrontations by understanding that most anger we experience through others is the result of a projection. If you feel someone is interacting with you in a spiteful, vengeful or poisonous way, it is most likely because your presence is a mirror for whether or not they feel empowered and connected to their personal truth. Of course, if you are being openly cruel to begin with, this is not the case, although it does say something about your personal management of power.

Leo and Leo Rising

This New Moon falls in your twelfth house of spirituality, release, and isolation. Set your intentions for the spiritual practices you would like to put into practice to maintain your peace of mind, water your inner spiritual sanctuary, as well as your support physical health. A stellium of planets will be passing through this house during Cancer season so you will find yourself more inward focused and contemplative than usual. This may be brought on by feelings of increased sensitivity that create more fearful or anxious reactions than normal. If this is the case, your anxiety is trying to tell you to take some time for yourself and to process your emotions and experiences. You may need to release some old patterns of thinking or behaving that are too self-centered as this energy is asking for you to develop your compassion and think about your responsibility to the whole of life.

With Mars transiting your twelfth house and in aspect to Pluto, it will be important for you to maintain your cool in situations that bring up anger within you. If not, your actions may be self-destructive and self-sabotaging, and be the reflection of old patterns of behaviour that did not serve your personal empowerment in the past. Your body may also feel sensitive at this time, with any disease expression or illness being caused by your spiritual disconnect or failure to stay pure in thought, association and lifestyle. This time is ripe for deep introspection and transformations in consciousness but is not necessarily easy or straightforward. Avoid escapist tendencies and you will get a lot more out of this subtle refining process. Look to spiritual teachings to help guide the way and give you clarity in moments of overwhelm. Your faith will also be a great tool to you at this time, as asking for answers will inspire your guides to bring more symbolic synchronicities into your life.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

This New Moon falls in your eleventh house of friend groups, long-term goals and self-improvement, Virgo. Set your intentions for the role you’d like to play in your community using your passions and talents, and what you have to do in the way of self-improvement in order to better serve your people. This is the house of Aquarius, the water-bearer, so your mind should be full of utopian visions on how you can bring your gifts forth to better humanity. Use this time wisely to take practical steps towards further implementing your goals instead of allowing them to remain only ideas. You are capable and your potential deserves to fully flower. Through daily efforts, you can start to bring more of your dreams into reality.

Your ruler, Mercury, is in Cancer and conjunct Mars at this time, which could create higher than normal levels of irritability and frustration towards not having your emotional needs met. You may feel especially feisty about your beliefs so be mindful of expressing your opinions or emotions in a way that is overly exaggerated or aggressive. Try to transmute any negative emotions through an internal process rather than projecting them onto your surroundings or into your relationships. Often our romantic partners are the ones who take on a lot of our frustration because they serve as a mirror for how well we are connecting with ourselves. Since Chiron has been passing through your seventh house, you have been learning a lot about healing these relationship wounds so that you can nurture more harmonious connections with your loved ones. Remaining grounded in your personal power through a heart-centered expression is the key to building a strong relationship. So the next time you find yourself in a difficult spot emotionally, try to take full responsibility for your feelings. Share them with your loved ones, but do not expect others to resolve your emotions on your behalf.

Libra and Libra Rising

This New Moon falls in your tenth house of career, Libra! Big opportunities for expansion and career development are coming your way if you are able to stay open and emotionally resonant with the objects of your desire. Set your intentions for where you would like your work to take you, and for what kind of career moves you’d like to make that truly reflect your purpose in this lifetime. If you are unclear as to what that is, take the time to ask for guidance surrounding these questions and make sure to heed any advice that is given to you. Our purpose exists within us at birth and is often recognized naturally by us in childhood. Think back to what activities brought you the most joy as a child, and how you could use this joy resourcefully to create wealth and to develop your passions.

As Mars transits your tenth house, you may find yourself in a confrontational situation with an authority figure in your life, or even with one of your parents. Engaging in these conflicts openly will bring about a power struggle that will remove you from your sense of emotional stability and security and threaten your personal growth. Alternatively, you may need to make decisions that honour your desire to have more control at the workplace, which will reconnect you with your sense of power and inner strength. It is all in the way you play the cards that you are dealt. Luckily your ruler, Venus, is in a beneficial dialogue with your sense of compassion and your regenerative potential, so you should be able to easily connect to your negotiating abilities and desire to keep things harmonious. As Venus moves into Gemini on July 5th, you should be feeling especially ready to vocalize and discuss your opinions, so expect the creation of new dialogues and friendships to surface at that time.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This New Moon falls in your ninth house of travel, belief systems, and personal expansion, Scorpio. Like the archer with his arrow pointed towards freedom, you have the ability to focus your energies into nurturing a state of mind and set of beliefs that are going to help you grow and develop your faith. One essential practice to foster towards the manifestation of your goals is called positive expectancy. Knowing that all is interconnected and responding to our ideas and inner dialogues through their resulting vibratory rate, positive expectancy helps you to create opportunities in your life through the simple expectation that they are going to be there. This requires unwavering faith in your personal power and ability to contribute to the creation of your reality, and is of course founded on whether or not your world-view supports this way of understanding your personal path. It would be beneficial for you to do your research on these and other philosophies that contribute to your process of manifestation and help to awaken the sleeping aspects of your consciousness. Your power of focus is great and with the right attitude and work ethic, there is no limit to your potential. All this having been said, remember to not use your belief systems as a way to detach from situations or disconnect form others. Beliefs serve our highest good only when they contribute to our alignment with the open exchange of love. 

Your ruler, Mars, is in his sign of detriment in Cancer and is aspecting Pluto by opposition during this New Moon. For you it will be especially important to not indulge any self-destructive behaviours and to stay on top of your daily routine. If your emotional security feels threatened, don’t react by retreating into a closed off space that only continues to rob you of the love you desire.

If you are in a relationship you will find your partner expressing some very fine qualities this week! Compassion, depth, eagerness and sensuality make your partner the person you like to be around most. Use this time to deepen your connection and enjoy your sexual bond.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This New Moon falls in your eighth house of endings, transformation, and sexuality, Sagittarius. A stellium of other planets are also collecting here so a lot of energy will be given to this area of your life during Cancer season. The common root of all these themes is power. Here, we are in the realm of Scorpio, where the question of our management of power and the way we are expressing it, whether consciously or unconsciously, becomes paramount. Often, if we are locked in unconscious battles with our sense of personal power we will experience jealousy or otherwise project our conflicts into our surroundings and relationships and behave in ways that are destructive in order to maintain a sense of control. This invites the law of karma to attract situations into our lives that cause crisis or breakdown, so we can face our shadow and more consciously integrate the reasons for our power struggle.

You may find yourself more sensitive to the psychological motivations of others during this time, but don’t let this create paranoia in you or allow you to understand situations as being either black or white. There is always light in the shadow, and the potential for shadow within the light. Whether you are experiencing struggles with intimacy, addiction or intensely powerful emotional conflicts, these are all an invitation to transform the way you are doing things and move into a clearer and more stable state. Once you realize that within you is the divine potential that created the universe, there is no reason to doubt your personal power or to believe that another individual could harbour more power than you. Release any toxicity, resentment, or cruelty that may surface at this time in order to allow the transformation process to water the seed of your inner truth. You are just learning how to fly, that is all. But first you have to recognize that you have wings.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This New Moon falls in your seventh house of intimate relationships, Capricorn. This includes all forms of business partnerships, intimate partners, and close friendships.  During the next few weeks, a lot of energy is going to be invested in fine-tuning your negotiating abilities and developing your preference for harmony and peace-keeping in all relations. Set your intentions for the kind of authentic self-expression you would like to nurture through your relationships and interactions with others. Balancing your needs with the needs of others is key to managing all the activity that will occur around your relationships during this time. You may become very aware of how each individual in our life presents us with a mirror. Sometimes our strengths are reflected back to us, and sometimes it is our weaknesses. Explore where you end and I begin, and how relationship dynamics both serve and stifle our growth. You will find that your growth is best nurtured by people with whom you can be your most authentic self.

To add to this theme, a T-square is being activated between your houses of self, career and relationship. Make sure you spend time nurturing your self and honouring your inner Cancer, the other half to your Capricorn energy. Do not underestimate the value of self-care practices and their ability to give you a sense of security, confidence and emotional stability. These will be necessary factors to maintaining balance during this time. You are sensitive towards authority figures in your life and need to build a stronger foundation of self-worth in order to manage this. You are fully capable of getting where you need to go through the radiance of your inner knowing. Trusting this will allow it to shine more freely.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This New Moon falls in your sixth house of lifestyle, health and work, Aquarius. Set your intentions for what kind of exercise and dietary practices you would like to commit to in order to lead a life that is more balanced, focused and carries with it more healing. Your mind-body connection will be especially sensitive during this time, which means taking care of yourself is a priority during Cancer season. If you get a cold along with congestion, slow down. You are taking on too much and confusing your direction. If you’re finding yourself having difficulty sleeping, you should consider your diet and whether or not it is right for you. In Ayurvedic healing, different body types require different kinds of nourishment and eating the wrong foods contributes to more physical ailments than we give credit to. If anxiety is the culprit, make time for yoga, meditation, or try a vibrational healing remedy. Now would be a good time to get some healing work done, as this time is ripe for providing greater insight into your health problems. The purity of your lifestyle will go a far way in creating a more stable sense of inner peace, which is ultimately the foundation from which all other things in your life grow.  You may even find researching energy healing modalities and holistic perspectives on health that are based in spiritual concepts to be extremely beneficial towards nourishing your belief system and your optimism.

With Venus in your fourth house and beautifully aspected by several planets, you should feel a natural sense of emotional security and comfort, and may want to change your home to reflect this. Sleep in fresh sheets, mop your floors, burn some sage and get rid of unnecessary clutter. Make your home the sanctuary you need it to be to further amplify this feeling of safety from which your choices about health and healing can naturally blossom.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

This New Moon falls in your fifth house of creativity, children, and self-expression, Pisces. Set your intentions for what your ideal self is, the true you that has yet to emerge fully, and nourish what is required to make that blossoming happen. You have so many creative talents to offer the world, and once you understand that it is your radiance that communicates your creative vision most fully, you will feel freer to express yourself with less inhibitions. When it comes to claiming your personal power fully, you will find that creative self-expression allows you to explore what old, habitual emotional patterns need to be released. As Chiron has been transiting your first house, you have been given much insight into the wounding around your freedom to authentically express your stronger, fiercer side. Life is always a balance of give and take, stillness and motion, expansion and constriction. Allow yourself to partake in this dynamic effort. While a preference for remaining in the background may be a part of what makes you feel connected to the whole, allow yourself to step under the light of admiration and radiance as well.  Your humility will teach others how to balance their own yin and yang.

This time is also ripe for romance and sexual self-expression. Because you are tapping into your inner Leo energy, people are likely to be especially drawn to you. Just avoid getting into a heavy romantic entanglement too quickly, as there are indications that caution must be taken in choosing a partner to share deeper intimacy with. If there are indications that an individual is not centered in their power, it would be best to take things slow! Alternatively, if it is you that is not centered in your power, you will likely draw an individual to you that will allow these deeper shadows within you to emerge. What surfaces in these circumstances is not always the easiest to go through, but it will serve to transform you if you are able to stay afloat.

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