Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Capricorn

If you know your Ascendant, read the horoscope for that sign first.

Follow with the Sun sign if you'd like more guidance.


This particular Full Moon creates some intense energy waves as it is conjunct Pluto. Naturally, the Sun is then also opposing Pluto (as a full moon is the opposition of the Sun and Moon), and brings illumination to our personal underworld. Now is the time for secrets to be revealed and suppressed thoughts and emotions to surface. It is intense, to say the least, and as a collective we are feeling a bit raw, especially since all that Cancer season energy flooded in questions of self-love, self-care and emotional stability.

Tension through the Cardinal signs brings activity and initiative into the resolve of our struggles. This is not a passive time! Employ structure (Capricorn) to guide and master your breakthrough (Pluto). Implement new forms of communication and relation (Moon) to empower (Pluto) existing structural dynamics (Capricorn).

During this time, we should all focus on developing softness and sitting with our shadow. Instead of distracting yourself with outside pursuits, go inwards for emotional stability and grounding. Reflect on any destructive emotional reactions you foster that are born from the intention of protecting you when you feel that your power is being taken from you or challenged by others. No outside circumstance can have that much control over your life, so do not despair. Change awaits you if you are open to embracing it, and will empower your journey.

Aries and Aries Rising

This Full Moon falls in your tenth house of career and life purpose, Aries. It is activating two T-squares, which are in turn affecting all the angular houses of your horoscope. There’s probably a lot going on for you right now and it feels as though life is pulling you in several directions at once. Your ruler, Mars, is conjunct the Sun during this Full Moon and has been in opposition with Pluto in your tenth house for some time now. Have you been feeling particularly hasty, irritable or defensive? It seems that a lot is coming up that needs to be purged and emptied from your behavioural repertoire. In what ways have you failed to compromise when compromise was needed? If you find yourself reacting in a way that creates confrontation with authority figures at your workplace or elsewhere, consider that your reactions to the circumstances at hand may be a bit more dramatic than necessary. The greatest challenge during this Full Moon for all of us is the illumination of our darker thoughts and fear-based behaviours.

A beautiful aspect is forming between your ruler, Mars, and Chiron in the twelfth house. You may be called to act out your inner healer, being a helping hand to someone in need. This will serve as a fruitful way to nurture your compassion and may help to heal you in unexpected ways that have a distinctly spiritual or transcendent flavour.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

This Full Moon falls in your ninth house of philosophy, belief systems and long journeys, Taurus. It is setting off two T-squares that are in turn activating your cadent houses. You may feel like you’ve been spread fairly thin lately and some exhaustion is likely. While the New Moon called for setting intentions towards what kind of new knowledge you wanted to bring into your life, the Full Moon is asking you to apply that knowledge and allow it to bring you greater wisdom and worldliness in your life perspective. You ruler, Venus, has just entered Gemini (ruler of the house in which your personal New Moon fell), which further reinforces this flavour of seeking outwards and serving what is outside you to come into greater awareness of the way reality operates. Be aware of any outspoken or harsh ways of communicating your ideas, however, as Mars transits your third house.

The Plutonian hue of this Full Moon period means that any comfort-seeking behavioural patterns are not likely to bring on the same instantly gratifying feelings as usual. Leave your habitual ways of dealing with discomfort behind and try to approach any surfacing pain or difficult emotions head on. Listen to their advice, recognize their reason for communicating their message to you, and release them. Be present so that you can navigate what is outside of the familiar with greater ease and more reward.

Look to your friend group or community at this time for a much needed sense of union and collective collaboration towards the good. You may find a compassionate ear to share your ideas with, which will create some inner healing you may not have expected.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eighth house of endings, transformation and sexuality. The already Scorpionic hue of the current climate is especially relevant to you, Gemini, as the eighth house is presided over by the Scorpion himself. Generally, this is not the easiest time, although it can produce deep and remarkable inner changes that are worth investing in. If you have been nurturing your inner sense of security, meaning you are actively tackling your insecurities, then this time will be profound in terms of finally releasing some of those fears that hold you back and bring you into self-sabotage. If you have been looking outwards for ways to temper your fears instead of facing them head on, now may be the time they amplify into a burst of messy emotions that force you to look deeper. Humanity is largely influenced by the fourth ray of creation, which is understood as producing harmony through conflict. At this time, you are in the conflict, but a harmonious and more integral side of you waits on the other end of this inner battle. Be brave and be silent. It is not in your nature to sit still or take time for yourself, but right now it is necessary that you do so.

Your ruler, Mercury, has entered Leo and has commenced a closer communion with the Sun (Leo being a Sun-ruled sign). Now is the time to use your inner messenger to inform your emotions about what works and what doesn’t. Behaving as an isolated entity, ready to battle whatever provokes your inner power struggle, is a non-conducive way to radiating the light of your soul nature. Pay attention to the way your thoughts inform your right to react. The mind is a great maker of illusion so developing a more heart-centered approach will greatly facilitate any inner battles.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

This Full Moon falls in your seventh house of intimate friendships, business partnerships and marriage, Cancer. Here it meets with Pluto, ruler of the underworld, and exposes some truths about relationships and the ways you engage others in the dance of give and take. You may be asked to focus closely on certain relationship dynamics and how you express your power within those dynamics. You are definitely feeling the pressure to manage several conflicting aspects of your life, and achieving balance has not been easy. Especially now while Mars transits your first house, you feel motivated to work on projects and seem to have many new ideas about ways to move your personal journey of becoming forward. While this is exciting and gives a vehicle for your passions to express themselves, you also have the distinct impression that what would really make you feel good is to just relax a bit more and take care of yourself! Juggling all this is not easy, so just be aware that if you’re feeling spread thin, it won’t last forever!

There is potential for great learning to take place in you as new knowledge comes into your life and expands the horizons of your mind. This will likely be healing on a level that your really require, and will produce blissfulness and awe inside your conscious mind. Keep all three eyes open!

Leo and Leo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your sixth house of health, daily ritual, and work, Leo. It is activating two T-squares, which in turn affect your cadent houses. You are likely feeling a bit burnt out and as though you have given a lot of yourself to the outside world. Stepping back from so much activity will serve you a lot of good during this time, especially since your body is feeling sensitive to toxins, impure environments and destructive interactions with others. Practicing a bit of isolation and grounding your mind-body connection through exercise, healthy eating and more organization around your daily schedule will be helpful in reconnecting with yourself and properly serving your spiritual growth. Recognize that if you do not initiate this temporary retreat, your body will communicate through dis-ease to bring you into greater solitude. Take care of yourself!

During this period the Sun is illuminating Pluto from its position in your twelfth house, and this may create a lot of internal struggle as old emotional wounds resurface in order to be further cleared and overcome. Avoid being escapist and self-destructive with any attempts to silence the pain you will likely experience at this time. Profound change and deep healing are needed, which begins with you looking into those aspects of yourself that scare you and spending the necessary time with their messages to understand that really, everything is okay. It is impossible to unveil the inner light without passing through the darkness first.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fifth house of creative self-expression, romance and children, Virgo. The energy this placement creates is further emphasized by your planetary ruler, Mercury, having just entered Leo, which is the natural ruler of the fifth house. A lot of attention is being directed towards how you express your unique identity in the outside world. This can be through your creative gifts, or through more intense forms of creative expression, such as your family and children. How comfortable are you stepping into your inner Leo, which assumes a freer and more spontaneous form of expression than you generally allow yourself? What is your reaction to those who assume that more uninhibited way of being, especially in terms of how this challenges (or doesn’t challenge) your personal power? One of the unfortunate consequences of an inner power struggle is the surfacing of emotions like jealousy and resentment. This goes hand in hand with the perception that an outside circumstance or situation is consuming enough to rob us of our personal power and ability to self-realize our desires. Contemplate the dynamics of your jealousies and fears. Is it possible that when bad things happen, it is because you created the outcome through the perception of these divisions of power between you and the outside world? Liberate yourself from these painful emotions through realizing that no outside circumstance determines the flowering of your potential. A more empowered you awaits this understanding, which will profoundly nurture the emotional stability you seek.

Your partner or a close friend can be a true source of compassion and healing for you at this time. Healing may also come unexpectedly through a person in your community or friend group who becomes an intimate through their assistance and uplifting visionary ways. Alternatively, a close friend can become a real cheerleader for your long-term goals which brings you into more focused action in the pursuit of your ideals.

Libra and Libra Rising

This Full Moon falls in your fourth house of emotional security, home life and family. This is the natural house of Cancer, so the Cancerian energy of the season is especially pronounced during this Full Moon period for you, Libra. The fourth house is the very foundation of the chart, supplying us with a sense of inner safety, which allows us to take on the world feeling that we will be supported, loved and received well by others. Since this Moon is shining a light on the hidden world of Pluto, you may find some old wounds related to your childhood or relationship with your parents may be surfacing. This is to inform you of that which has shaped you and brought you into a place of security or insecurity within yourself. It is also to inform you that any negative experiences you had can now be used as valuable tools for relating to others and for deepening your compassion and self-knowledge. This Moon is saying: transmute the pain. Allow yourself to release any shame, self-doubt or limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself through sitting with your heartache and letting it out. Self-love is paramount, and will bring you the outer world opportunities you desire.

Your ruler, Venus, has entered Gemini and is encouraging new connections, new interactions and more stimulation coming from the outside world. Gemini is a very externalized kind of energy, and you will likely find yourself more open to embracing new knowledge and making friends with people from different backgrounds than your own. Balancing both the need for internalized self-care and externalized expression is a central challenge during this time, so be aware of your limits on either end of the spectrum. Luckily, developing a more grounded daily routine will help to set helpful boundaries to the time you spend either in rest or in motion.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This Full Moon falls in your third house of communication, connections and information, Scorpio. You are likely to meet new people and network your way into new relationships that will expose you to new vistas of knowledge and information. This is a period of increased activity in the external world, so expect a lot of movement and expansion during this time. Be aware of spreading yourself too thin, however, as your cadent houses of service and dissemination are being tested at this time. As Pluto is being highlighted in your third, you are given an opportunity to change the way you approach your interactions with the outside world. Where could your speech be more empowered? Where does the perception of threat coming in from the outside world affect your ability to be openly expressive about your thoughts? Explore the limits of what you can share with others. Instead of being hesitant to communicate your feelings about a situation, try honesty and see what kind of dialogues this opens up in your relationships.

Your ruler, Mars, has entered Leo and is boosting your confidence with the radiant qualities of the Sun. Move freely in the expression of your light and gives others the space to do so as well. A beautiful aspect between your ninth and fifth houses reveals that this time may be especially healing through creative work and romantic pursuits. Allow your creative force to take you on a journey through any self-limiting beliefs and prepare a ritual for releasing them. Whether it’s stating positive affirmations around your creative abilities or writing on a piece of paper the limiting beliefs you’d like to release and then burning it, it’s really time to let all that go. You are a channel for the creative power of the universe!

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your second house of finances, self-worth and personal resources, Sagittarius. Money has likely been on your mind since the beginning of the lunar cycle, when the New Moon and transiting Sun in your eighth house expressed the need to tie up loose ends over borrowed money and inspired your focus on bringing more wealth and prosperity into your life. During this time it would be beneficial for you to ponder what your fears around money are and whether you feel they inhibit your ability to connect to your inner power. Do you feel as though your potential is determined by your material circumstances, or do you understand how inherently resourceful you truly are? The potential for transformation regarding your self-worth and how this is reflected by your relationship to money is calling for a closer examination of these themes in your life. To come into a worldview that places you at the creative center of your experience and enables your sense of security to remain strong and intact with or without financial prosperity is the goal. Money is simply an exchange of energy. As long as you have something valuable to give the world, the world will continue to bring money into your life. How much money you are able to manifest is directly related to how much energy you are willing to devote to your gift, and how empowered your service is through its connection to your divine purpose. Wherever you are at, keep going!

You may also find that this time is ripe for exploring aspects of your sexuality which have been dormant or which you have not felt comfortable expressing in the past. Vulnerability is usually the key to this expression, although power dynamics may also come into play. Use your sexuality as a tool to deepen your relationship to the natural mysteries and inherent intensity of life. Be weary of practices which are destructive or which create large divides in power between you and your sexual partner. Sex is about equality and respect. Any sexual relationship that begins now has the potential to transform you, and what is superficial will likely end.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This Full Moon falls in your first house of personality, ego, and self-made identity, Capricorn! This is a tense time for you as your cardinal houses are being activated and the perfect balance between self and others is likely difficult to achieve. During this period you will glean valuable insights into your management of power and how this affects your relationships and the development of your own authentic self-expression. Where power struggles dominate in relation to others you will want to control situations and will find your natural way of being is somehow threatened, which makes you want to conform. Your naturally cautious approach can sometimes silence your freedom of expression, and this is the area you are being challenged to develop during this lunar cycle. Belonging to the group is a strong motivation for you, especially within certain structures where power is distributed through hierarchical means. But we all know that society does not understand the true meaning of power and that often those people in positions of authority are least equipped to manage power properly and with respect for their subordinates. Feed that aspect of yourself that likes to think outside the box and entertains feelings that engender the excitement of freedom within. Give more credit to these feelings and be mindful of the way in which they influence your sense of personal empowerment.

Your ruler, Saturn, is forming a nice aspect to the North Node, which is transiting through your eighth house at this time. This is the natural domain of Scorpio and Pluto, and gives supportive energy to the quest for a more authentic kind of personal power. Some aspects of yourself that no longer serve your truest expression will need to go, and that’s okay. Transformation is good and even if it feels messy now, you will find a way to structure what is left behind in time.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Full Moon falls in your twelfth house of spirituality, unconscious impulses and escapism, Aquarius. The way this energy will affect you rests largely in the factors of how well you know yourself and how far along you are in the journey of releasing the aspects of your personality that compromise your ability to connect to the whole of life. If you have been actively developing your spiritual side and you see life as being essentially supportive of your personal vision, now is likely to be a time of increased synchronicity wherein you will feel contemplative towards understanding the meaning of what has come to pass. If you are not so well-acquainted with the deeper aspects of yourself which are rooted in your faith and connection to the Divine, now may be a time of confusion and suffering which will provoke the desire to escape into a personal fantasy realm, or, less dramatically, into a retreat of your own where you can process some of the heightened sensitivities you are feeling at this time. If you feel as though life has made you the victim of certain circumstances, recognize that you are in control of what comes into your world. All negative experiences are a result of the cosmic law of karma that is attempting to bring you forward in your personal evolution by creating situations that allow you to resolve your unconscious inner conflicts under the light of day. Your salvation lies within yourself and in no other person or circumstance. This realization empowers you to release what is no longer serving you so that you can achieve greater feelings of connection with yourself and with the whole.

If not consciously provoked, a spiritual retreat from the world may be forced upon you at this time through dis-ease in the body or feelings of exhaustion. If you haven’t been honouring your body with proper diet and exercise or honouring your spirit with right relations, this will be made known to you. Alternatively, you may be spread thin in service to others, which may occur as the tension pervades through the cadent houses of your horoscope. Whatever the case, see any illness that appears as significant and meaningful towards your journey of spiritual evolution.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

This Full Moon falls in your eleventh house of friend groups, community and long-term goals, Pisces. The way your self-expression is reflected through your peers who either provide support or actively challenge your personal vision is likely to become very transparent to you at this time. The inner workings of power dynamics and the way that power is distributed among your friends will either reinforce your radiance or make you feel that all is not necessarily in favour of your unique road to empowerment. The breakdown of certain relationships may be necessary in order for you to move on from circumstances that limit your sense of inner strength and confidence. Any changes or endings that you come into at this time are all paths on the road to self-improvement and have occurred in order for you to invest more passionately in the pursuit of your long-term goals. Refrain from feeling small or unable to honour your deepest desires. It all often comes down to a question of will, which you sometimes struggle with in favour of staying comfortable or staying out of the limelight. You are an incredibly talented and sensitive soul and you deserve to be recognized for all your talents and virtues! Immerse yourself in the creative process and you will discover your limitless potential for self-directed action and independence.

A beautiful aspect is forming between your first and fifth houses, further encouraging the expression of your authentic self and the motivation towards using your creative gifts boldly. Allow self-acceptance to heal your wounds and move you into a more radiant way of being. Everything you are and will become is already inside of you and need not be looked for in the reflection of others or in the reflection of your current life circumstances. Your potential is the very structure of your soul and awaits your inspired approach to expression. Be brave! 

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