Horoscopes for the New Moon in Leo

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Aries and Aries Rising

This New Moon falls in your fifth house of creative expression, romance and children, Aries. There is a concentration of planets that will be transiting through this house and will contribute to your already fiery nature, allowing you to make the most of your creative energies in a way that supports your journey of self-realization and builds your confidence. This is amplified by the fact that your ruler, Mars, has just entered Leo, the natural ruler of the fifth house. This boosting of confidence will also make romance more enjoyable, as you will find it an appropriate outlet to channel your self-expression and to experience admiration. If you find that a relationship has entered your life passionately during this time, be aware that things may fizzle as quickly as they were sparked. While this house is naturally in line with the pursuit of romantic interests, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a long-term connection, unless you are able to curtail the passion enough to take things a little slower and build on an emotional connection.

This moon illuminates a conjunction between Mars, your planetary ruler, and the Sun. Be mindful of expressing your needs in a way that borders on aggressive, and take care not to burn yourself out with too much activity. This is especially relevant as the Sun and Mars in your fifth house are both making a square aspect to Uranus in your first, which provokes your desire to be independent, self-sufficient, and uncompromisingly you. Be aware of your triggers and practice patience, for your behaviours may alienate you from your peers. Venus is transiting your third house at this time and awakening your inner Gemini who wants to socialize, learn, and explore his surroundings. If this impulse isn’t coming from within, you may find that your partner or a close friend is taking you on more adventures around your neighbourhood. Settle into that energy and use it to make some new connections. If you feel that you are not easily accepted in the social circles you take part in, you are more likely to be shown where the fault is your own underestimation of your self-worth, and where you are simply hanging out with people who are too conservative or judgemental for your freedom-loving ways.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

This New Moon falls in your fourth house of home life, emotional security and self-love, Taurus. Likely you will be spending a lot of time at home or with family as a collection of planets transits this house, and you may be made more aware of how your home acts as a supportive place for your emotional grounding and strength. If this isn’t the case, you may be tempted to make some necessary adjustments in your home and habits, which will reflect your new intentions towards achieving greater emotional stability within yourself. As this is the natural house of Cancer, things are likely to get a bit sensitive as well. You may find you are more defensive about your emotional needs being met on the home front, and it is important for you to be openly communicative about your needs with your partner and family members. Recognize that sometimes what you feel you are not getting from a partner is actually just something that you need to be able to provide for yourself. Self-love is the ultimate foundation of the rest of our experiences in life and now is a good time to get some insights into your relationship with that and how your family life or childhood as affected it.

Your ruler, Venus, is in your second house in Gemini and is being opposed by Saturn in the eighth. Likely there are some issues around your finances, value system or resources that are being activated by this and the call is towards taking greater responsibility for how you manage your personal resources. If you feel as though there is not enough coming in, now is a good time to explore your relationship to money as something that is basically empowering or disempowering. Can you remain empowered despite the state of your material circumstances? Are you feeding scarcity mentality because of a lack of self-worth or because of an abundance block that limits your ability to receive wealth? Reflection on these concepts can illuminate some old wounds at this time.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

This New Moon falls in your third house, Gemini, which is all about learning, communicating and making connections, and is your natural house in the horoscope. Your strength in these areas is likely to be illuminated at this time and you will be motivated to live out your extra Gemini energy while all these planets transit your third house. You are most likely going to meet a lot of new friends or find yourself more involved with old neighbours and friends who are sparking a new curiosity in you or bringing in new concepts or opportunities into your life. You are a social butterfly, so work it! Just be mindful of taking the required time for yourself and for nurturing your self-care practices. With Venus in your first house, you likely feel so obliged to participate in social events and show off your unique style that you may be put off by your desire to please. Balance things by spending time on your own and learning something that has interested you for some time. Explore beauty rituals for yourself alone and without the desire for flattery or getting noticed.

Your ruler, Mercury, will be moving into Virgo on July 26th, and this will also add to your desire to refine your self-expression and be a bit more critical and present. All that Leo energy has likely helped you explore new creative styles of expression and has given a boost to your confidence. Now it is time for perfecting what you are good at, further refining your skills, and making a commitment to being a hard worker who sees the value in paying attention to all the little details. Things may feel a bit more serious than before, but it’s good for getting things done and developing your ability to focus, which with so many interests can be a little tough for you!

Cancer and Cancer Rising

This New Moon falls in your second house of finances, value systems and personal resources, Cancer. Now is a good time to set intentions around clearing any debts through making fruitful use of your resources and talents. Any skill can be made profitable with the right level of commitment, motivation and refining. Now is a time for you to examine your values in life and assess how your finances can support those values, and how your desired lifestyle can generate financial prosperity. Questions of self-worth will likely also come into play, ones that ask if you are willing to take a risk in order to create a better future for yourself, or whether you are earning what you are truly worth in your current employment. If you are happily abundant and have built a stable and healthy relationship towards money, now is a time to really enjoy the fruits of your labour and celebrate the sensual comforts you have manifested for yourself.

The theme of freedom in the workplace may also come into play during this time as Uranus in your tenth squares the Sun in your second. You may feel especially put off by authority figures, or feel as though you are unable to be your authentic self and move forward on your journey of self-realization inside the boundaries of your current career path. You may be tempted to tear it down and begin a personal revolution that will carry you into greater freedom and be more in line with your ideal vision. Just be aware that impulsive decisions are likely at this time and will not necessarily support the outcome you desire. Think things through and do not be too rash in your actions. If something is coming from a place of emotional insecurity, instability and confusion, take some time to let the feeling pass and make a decision from a more centered place. If, however, you have been debating something for a long time and know in your heart it is right for you yet have not found the guts to make the move, now may be the time you break out of your own rut!

Leo and Leo Rising

This New Moon falls in your first house of the self, Leo. This is a big opportunity for you to set some intentions around what you’d like to learn more about in yourself and who you would like to become. As the Full Moon will be in your seventh house and illuminating your relationships, it is also important for you to consider what kinds of relationships you’d like to have in your life that would ultimately support this future vision you have for yourself. You will likely feel naturally motivated and self-sufficient while a cascade of planets transits your first house, and this kind of passionate focus on yourself and your growth will feel very natural to you as someone who is so concerned with self-expression and self-realization. Now is a good time to see an astrologer or work within another system that supports your self-knowledge, as these practices will greatly help to illuminate the path to building your own kingdom that lay ahead.

With Venus in Gemini and your twelfth house, you may find yourself behaving differently than usual in relationships. You will find your ability to be compassionate and unconditionally loving coming easier, and you will likely want to serve others in somehow. However, this placement can also indicate taking on lovers who are wounded in some way and who play with your desire to be a figure that can provide salvation for others. Alternatively, you may be seeking salvation yourself, and projecting your responsibility to be your own saviour onto an outside relationship. This can create romantic dynamics that are unhealthy and unsustainable, so be mindful of any escapist longings or tendencies to experience the fantastical within relation. Stay grounded and be a bit more pragmatic. Likely the opposition from Saturn to Venus will help to teach you a few lessons around your desire to escape if it exists within.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

This New Moon falls in your twelfth house of the deeply unconscious mind, Virgo. This house is very spiritual in nature, but if we have a far way left to travel on our spiritual journey it can be a very intimidating house of deep-seated subconscious fears and escapist tendencies. What is important to remember while a stellium of planets transits this house is that you are responsible for your own spiritual growth and salvation. If you feel like you are being overpowered by energies that are greater than you, it may be tempting to fall into a victim state that absolves you of your responsibility towards creating a more unified and fulfilling way of being. Resist the temptation to blame others or to look for ways to escape. If what is surfacing at this time brings fear and insecurity, it is important to examine these feelings and look into the shadow to find their root. Likely you may not discover the very bottom of the issue, but the journey towards that discovery can illuminate a lot of your more self-sabotaging behaviours and emotions. This is the house of self-undoing, where we lose the boundaries of what defines us momentarily in order to look more closely at long standing and deeply ingrained emotional patterns. Now is a good time to seek help through energetic healing practices such as Reiki, astrology or hypnosis. There is much to be unveiled. If you are far along your spiritual path already, now is a time of deep union with God and with your surroundings. A tree may be able to communicate what you need to know, and a flower remind you of the psychedelic nature of all things. Enjoy this insight by journaling and meditating on your synchronous journey.

Your ruler, Mercury, will enter your sign and your first house on July 26th. This will assist your spiritual becoming, as you are motivated to learn about yourself and put lots of energy into your passions. Reading, writing, communicating and learning may all feel like they come more easily and naturally, so work with your strengths in these areas to start new projects that you are excited about and that reflect your most authentic way of being.

Libra and Libra Rising

This New Moon falls in your eleventh house of friend groups, community, and long-term goals, Libra. Now is the time to set your intentions around how you can contribute your creative skills and talents to your greater community. You may find yourself spending a lot of time with those in your social circle who share your humanitarian values and who encourage you in the pursuit of your ideal vision. You are likely to be more easily roused towards self-improvement or independent, self-directed action during this time so use it to your advantage. Work on projects that will contribute to your overall sense of freedom and that allow you to pour forth the waters of your particular skillset for the benefit of all. If you are unsure as to what your true purpose is, now is the time that you may receive some illumination around how you can best serve your fellow human beings.

This particular moon illuminates a Sun-Mars conjunction that is squaring Uranus from your seventh house of relationships. While now is a time you are longing to explore your projective energies and your ability for self-assertion, just be aware that this energy can also create aggression, sudden outbursts of anger or irritation, and a general feeling of restlessness. You strong Libran tact in maintaining harmony in relations with others will serve you here, and you may find it is actually those who are close to you who are behaving in a more unpredictable and edgy manner.   

Your ruler, Venus, is in opposition with Saturn at this time, and will likely create some feelings of inadequacy, low self-worth and may spark some harsher than usual inner criticism. The true forte of this planet is to bring about structure where it is lacking, discipline where it is required and a sense of responsibility where we are behaving too loosely. Take these things into consideration in using this refining energy in a positive manner. If you feel that you already embody the positive qualities of Saturn, try to not take this criticism too seriously. Engage in a dialogue with that critical inner voice that acknowledges its presence and sets it free. Be mindful especially of feelings of unattractiveness and intense judgement in your relationships. It will pass.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This New Moon falls in your tenth house of career, public recognition and material success, Scorpio. You are likely going to climb to a new tier in your career path while a cascade of planets travels through your tenth house, so be prepared. This house is largely connected to success in the eyes of society or within the structure of professionalism, so dress appropriately, stay focused and channel your hunger and ambition towards new motions in your field of work. Your ruler, Mars, is especially present during this New Moon as it falls in conjunction with the Sun and is being squared by Uranus in your seventh house. With all this activity going on, it’s important you keep your cool. You may find yourself more easily roused than usual, and since you are likely to be more out there in the world, it’s important that you manage your extra energy properly. With Mars entering Leo on July 21st, you will find that your natural vitality is easier to access and that you have plenty of energy towards self-expression, creative efforts and romantic pursuits. Feel free to radiate your talents and abilities for all to admire, you’ve earned it! Just be aware that in Leo, Mars is battling the selfish ego. Be mindful of attachment towards your belief systems and speaking with too much conviction. Stay humble in order to open yourself up to the knowing that we are all connected through love and whatever removes us from that love feeds the selfish ego.

With Venus in opposition to Saturn, you may find that your partner is a bit more demanding than usual. Saturn may bring on a feeling of inadequacy, low self-worth and loneliness to the receiving of love in relations, so spend some time channelling your new romantic energy into giving your partner that extra love they might need right now. If you are not currently in a relationship, you may find this time to be not especially fruitful for meeting laid-back lovers, instead finding potential partners are expressing more serious thoughts about commitment or are likely older than usual.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This New Moon falls in your ninth house of belief systems, long-distance travel and profound experiences, Sagittarius. This is your natural house of the horoscope, so you should be feeling pretty good right now and exploring the ambitious enthusiasm of your inner archer fully. Set your intentions for the places you’d like to travel, and the kinds of experiences you’d like to have that would really open your mind to the psychedelic foundations of reality. Use the energy coming in from the cascade of planets in this house to embrace new systems of knowledge and explore spiritual or religious philosophies that take you on an inner journey and contribute to your wisdom and your evolution of consciousness. As the Full Moon will be falling in your third house of rational thought and learning, reflect on how you can transmute this new knowing into your daily experience of life.

This particular moon is activating a Sun-Mars conjunction that is squaring Uranus in your fifth house. While this can bring in a lot of fiery energy aimed at creative projects and self-expression, it can also bring in a feeling of restlessness and irritability. Be mindful of maintaining consistency and focus, as Uranus can create a bit of chaos that contributes to a feeling of ungroundedness and upheaval.

As Venus transits your seventh house and makes sextile aspect to Mercury in your ninth, you may find that a close friend, lover or business partner is on this journey of consciousness expansion with you. This will have a positive effect on your relationships in general, and will contribute to a feeling of inner harmony and balance. However, Saturn is in opposition with Venus at this time, so there may be some feelings of inadequacy or low self-worth that are being reflected to you through your relationships. Maintain perspective and don’t get carried away with judgement or criticism. Likely what you feel provoked to criticize in others says more about you yourself.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This New Moon falls in your eight house of endings, shared resources and transformation, Capricorn. With a collection of planets in this house for the next little while, it will likely not be the easiest time. Change is on the horizon for you in some aspect of your life, and likely this change is bringing about mixed feelings of fear, resistance and also the embrace of personal power on the other end of the process. Here you are in the house of Scorpio. The land of intense emotions that aims at surfacing deep and unresolved emotional blockages so that you can embrace more of your inner strength and shed emotional and behavioural patterns that are no longer serving your greatest good. Take a good look at your habitual patterns, especially those that are destructive in the long run. Any addiction or behaviour that is aimed at seeking instant gratification but that over time has negative consequences on your health, relationships or success will be made more visible to you. Now is a fruitful time for embracing your shadow, your fears and your mistakes in order to move into acceptance and healing. You have a tendency of being hard on yourself, but that won’t benefit you here. You have to go deep into self-love and inner trust in order to be victorious over what is limiting you from stepping into your full power and potential.

This moon is illuminating a Sun-Mars conjunction that is squaring Uranus from your fourth house. Be mindful that the transformative journey you are in at the moment may ignite old emotional wounds related to your childhood. Becoming angry, vindictive or mistrustful will limit your ability to integrate the lessons of these old wounds and to practice the forgiveness that is so required for you to feel liberated from their influence. Stay calm and focused on the end goal of your growth.

Your ruler, Saturn, is opposing Venus in Gemini at this time. You may find that you are experiencing feelings of loneliness, isolation and inadequacy, or judgement from your partner or close friends. Recognize the feelings of love and acceptance you so long for need to come from within. It is not about receiving acceptance from society or from a particular social hierarchy, but rather what love and nurturance you can give yourself that will provide the key to lasting contentment. Explore self-love and stay open to how these practices influence the way others receive you.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This New Moon falls in your seventh house of close friendships, business partnerships and marriage, Aquarius. With a concentration of planets moving through this house you are likely to be feeling the pull towards being more compromising and seeking greater harmony in your relationships. Set your intentions for what kinds of people you would like to attract in your life that would allow the expression of your most authentic self and be grateful for those that are already supportive of your very unique way of being. You may find it difficult to balance time alone and time with others during this period, so schedule in some me hours if you need to. Opportunities may come your way through your relationships, as your negotiating skills and natural charm will be heightened during this time. If you find yourself in any discords with close friends, they likely have something to teach you about your ability to dependable and peace-keeping.

This particular moon is highlighting a Sun-Mars conjunction that is squaring Uranus from your third house. You may find that social activities are bringing in a chaotic quality to your day-to-day, or that the sheer volume of social events is making a demand on your freedom and independence. It’s important to be mindful of any anger or irritation that surfaces as a result of this and to maintain a cool head. Social obligations are not your favourite thing but they will have a positive impact when the favour is to be returned. To top off this focus on relationships, Venus in your fifth house of romance and self-expression is being opposed by Saturn in your eleventh house of community and friend groups. You may find that your community is being judgemental about a new love or romance in your life, or that there is a general air of severity and responsibility around the way you've been creatively self-expressing. If you need to make some necessary adjustments that reflect taking your creative skills more seriously, now provides a good opportunity to do so. 

Pisces and Pisces Rising

This New Moon falls in your sixth house of health, daily rituals and work, Pisces. Set your intentions towards bringing in new practices around maintaining your physical, emotional and mental health. You may find that at this time your body will be especially responsive towards any foods, activities or relationships that are toxic for you. Listen to what your body is trying to communicate and make the appropriate changes. This will help you to feel more faithful, connected and free when the Full Moon culminates in your twelfth house of spirituality and deeply subconscious emotions. If you have been putting off eating healthier and getting in more regular exercise, now is the perfect time to implement these rituals. On top of this you will feel the desire to be more detail-oriented and organized. Your inner Virgo is coming out and this is not such a bad thing to give your days a bit more structure and help you to get more done. Make the most of this realism by paying attention to what needs fine-tuning and making plans for its execution. This may be expressed in your workplace, where anything that slows down a smooth workflow may become especially pronounced and will motivate you to make some changes.

This moon is highlighting a Sun-Mars conjunction that is squaring Uranus in your second house of finance. Be aware of any aggression or irritability at work or through contact with your co-workers. If you are feeling undervalued and underappreciated, now is the time you may want to act on creating a more ideal situation for yourself, just make sure your approach is tactful and consistent. Uranus can create a hectic feeling of chaos and unpredictability, so until things feel more grounded you will want to be very aware that your approach is not off-putting. 

Venus in your fourth house is opposing Saturn at this time and will likely bring on some feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.  Nurture yourself more than usual with self-love practices and be clear about what you need to feel emotionally secure and safe. A more stable feeling of inner contentment is just around the corner.

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