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Flower Essence Therapy is a commonly overlooked yet incredibly powerful tool for self-knowledge, healing and dissolving emotional blockages that continuously cause painful reactions in our lives and inhibit us from the open exchange of love with our surroundings.

I've been working with Flower Essences personally for over 3 years, and have come to see this form of vibrational healing as an extraordinarily valuable means of managing difficult emotions and encouraging powerful releases and transformations on an inner level. I have successfully worked with Flower Essences to transition my clients off of their prescription meds that were being used to treat anxiety and depression, and have watched my clients' awareness grow and their inner landscape stabilize as a result of using the Flower Essence Blends I create based on their astrological energies. 

I wanted to write more extensively on this subject for those of you who are curious to learn more, hope you all enjoy!


The most famous family of 38 Flower Essences was intuitively selected by Dr. Edward Bach, who worked as a physician, bacteriologist, immunologist and pathologist before developing a more personally satisfying approach to healing nearing the end of his career that allowed for the treatment of the individual as a whole rather than solely focusing on a collection of symptoms expressed by that individual’s body and diagnosed as disease.

The only physical ingredients in a Flower Remedy are alcohol (often brandy) and spring water. The healing power of the Remedy or Essence comes from the infusion of said water with the vibrational frequencies of a chosen flower, the solution of which is then preserved using alcohol. How does this work?

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Flowers as Nature’s expression of Emotion

In Ayurvedic herbalism, flowers are seen as nature's expression of emotion. Their bright colours and variety of shapes impress an energy onto our subtle bodies that is emotionally moving, and their scent stimulates definite physiological responses, as is well known in the practice of aromatherapy. 

Ayurvedic knowledge associates flowers to the element Ether. Ether is essentially the element of time-space; a subtle web that weaves together all of human thought and emotion, and provides us a medium in which to express the dense elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Ether, being the mother of the other elements, can be used to cleanse and rebalance their energies. According to Ayurveda, placing a flower in a room provides a powerful form of cleansing for this reason. By this token, we can imagine that infusing our energetic system with the subtle or vibrational form of a flower that is contained and preserved in a Flower Remedy would accomplish the same feat internally.

Decoding the Flowers

Dr. Edward Bach had developed a level of sensitivity and intuitive knowing so refined that he could place the petal belonging to a flower on his tongue and through this practice sense the emotion the flower was communicating, and thus what emotion it would balance in a human being. As most individuals have not attained this level of communion with nature, there are of course other ways of understanding the healing properties expressed within a flower. This process involves understanding the meanings that shape, petal count, colour, growth pattern and environment have to contribute to the overall temperament of the flower, and how its properties will be beneficial for man. This is known as the doctrine of signatures, with which herbalists are well acquainted and employ to better prescribe their healing potions for clients.

An easy example of this is the flower belonging to Vine, a plant that coils itself tightly around its surroundings in order to grow. This remedy is balancing for those individuals who tend to dominate others through their strength of will and believe they know what’s best for everyone. The gentle balancing action of this flower remedy allows Vine individuals to assume the leadership roles for which they are naturally suited without exercising excessive control over others or being so rigid that they cause themselves an enormous amount of inner tension.

Flowers Entering the Energetic System

Flower Essences are most commonly taken orally, although they can also be added to bath water. Topical application of the Flower Remedies is likewise a newly emerging field of treatment and will be a future service offered under the Ines Heals umbrella.

Once the Flower Essences enter your system, their vibration begins to work with the energy (mental/emotional) fields of your body. Often clients report their thought patterns changing, and this is because the Remedy is illuminating and temporarily inflating the thought patterns that are responsible for creating the undesirable emotional reactions they find themselves battling. As the mental body is subtler than the emotional body, it is from the level of thoughts and beliefs that our emotional reactions begin to shift and change.

The work of the flowers is to stimulate the creation of the positive virtues that will balance out whatever vice we are looking to neutralize. For instance, the flower Impatiens will balance the tendency towards irritability and impatience by helping the energy body tune into the vibration of patience.

Most people begin to feel the Flower Remedies working within the first 24 hours of taking them, and some sensitive souls even feel the energetic presence of the flowers the first time they work with them. Here is one client's experience with her Zodiac Blend:

"When I took my Sagittarius blend for the first time all of my chakras lit up and had a surge of energy pulsating in them."


When used every day, the Remedy will last about 4-6 weeks, depending how often it is taken. Once its energies are integrated, it will provide lasting results, although many individuals decide to continue working with their blends over elongated periods of time because of their supportive, healing and illuminating presence. 

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Assisting the Healing Process

If you are looking to work Flower Essence Therapy into your healing regimen, I have several options for pre-made blends including my Zodiac Blends that are formulated for treating the emotional imbalances associated to each sign energy, as well as my PMS Soother, which is useful for creating inner stability and providing peace to mind and body during a woman's moontime. 

For personalized Flower Essence Blends click here.

For highly personalized Flower Essence Blends based on your individual astrological energies (working from the reference of the natal chart), I offer half hour Discovery Sessions, which you can find out more about here and book here

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Ines Radjenovic